Science has identified the few experiences that are critical for happiness.
But most people don’t know them, so fail to maximize their joy.
My blog describes the happiness essentials and how you can get them via a fulfilling daily practice: Joyshift.
Start with just 5 minutes a day!
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The Book

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This book provides everything you need to know to start a life-changing happiness practice.

You will learn the science-based principles behind joyshifting and the step-by-step program to bring it into your daily life.

Joyshift reveals the ancient evolutionary roots of modern happiness, and explains why a relatively few key experiences are essential for a happy life, and why they are often absent from the modern world. 

Because few people are aware of these “emotional nutrients” most of us are not as happy as we could be. 

But once we identify them we can start to joyshift them into our life and experience a whole new level of emotional wellbeing.

Joyshifts will bring you more laughter, relaxation, soulfulness, friends, willpower, fun, and more of the experiences we evolved to deeply desire, such as exploring our beautiful natural world.

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