Science has identified the few experiences that are critical for happiness.
But most people don’t know them, so fail to maximize their joy.
My blog describes the happiness essentials and how you can get them via a fulfilling daily practice: Joyshift.
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habit: a powerful neural pathway that provokes  mostly unconscious activity, which is helpful when it allows you to perform routine functions without much mental energy (such as walking, driving a car or lifting a cup to our mouth), but unhelpful when it confines your life into narrow ruts, depriving you of novelty and spontaneity.


happiness traps:  common discretionary activities that may consume many hours of your life, but beyond relatively brief periods, provide relatively happiness and may actually depress you.  Such lifestyle traps include consuming goods and media, overwork, shallow relating, overwork and substance abuse.


joyshift: a noun ( “a joyshift”) and a verb (“to joyshift”) that refers to a regular practice that brings a nutrient of happiness into your life.


Joyshift: (with a capital C): a systematic program to maximize your happiness by bringing as many nutrients of happiness as possible into your life.


macro-joyshift:  a complex joyshift that usually involves day, weeks or even months of preparation before it delivers a major primal happiness nutrient,  such as a new relationship, a fulfilling job or extended travel.


micro-joyshift: a joyshift that lasts one minute or less and that can occur during the run of your day, such as when waiting at an elevator or traffic light, sitting at your desk, or lying in bed.


the paleo emotional diet: analogous to the "paleo diet" except the nutrition is experiential not food, and the wellbeing is emotional not physical. Both diets derive from the idea that our bodies are optimized for the hunter gatherer world where the human genome evolved.


practice: a recurring, conscious behavior designed to change your life for the better.


primal: the deep roots of human nature, produced by the universal human genome, a product of our species’ eons of evolution as nomadic hunter gatherers in the grasslands of Africa.


primal asset: a primal nutrient that is now fully integrated into the run or your day or week and you no longer need a joyshift to ensure you get it. 


primal happiness: the experience of a high level of happiness as a result of living with abundant primal nutrients.


primal happiness principle: thanks to evolution and our genes, the activities that produce the greatest happiness today are modern versions of the behaviors that were essential to human survival during the eons when our ancestors lived as nomadic hunter gatherers on the African plains.


primal nutrients: the relatively few experiences that were essential for survival as nomadic hunter gatherers in the African grasslands, and which the human genome evolved a deep attraction to, and when experienced today produce  great joy.


set: a joyshift of five minutes that delivers specific happiness nutrients; is the main component of a joyshift practice.