Science has identified the few experiences that are critical for happiness.
But most people don’t know them, so fail to maximize their joy.
My blog describes the happiness essentials and how you can get them via a fulfilling daily practice: Joyshift.
Start with just 5 minutes a day!
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Want to experience more joy every day? Eager for a deeply satisfying life?

All you need is five minutes a day to start. Just five minutes!

My name is John Ince and I created the Joyshift Training for the elite group of people prepared to actually change their lives to attain their highest level of happiness.

You would be in this select group if you don’t want to settle for the ordinary level of emotional wellbeing that most people tolerate. You want to maximize your emotional riches, live in the upper range of positive feeling day after day.

And you are prepared to invest time and energy to attain this extraordinary life.

Because the journey to primal happiness can be challenging.

If you are like me and most others, you will need support in this adventure. My training provides a day-by-day itinerary to guide you through each section of the path and offers the optional support of a Joyshift Team and a personal Joyshift Coach.

At the start you take only small steps as you ease into your life transformation. You must be able to devote at least five minutes a day at the beginning. You may want to do more than that.

In each section an executive summary and recommended readings will teach you about one or more primal nutrients  and then you will create a practice  to bring them into your life, using tools such as daily reminders, self/social monitoring, and rewards/penalties to keep you on track.

The training is especially rewarding if you have company. I host regular online small group (Joyshift Team) meets to discuss our practice, share tips, and make new friends. I also provide weekly personal  Joyshift Coaching sessions to support your journey.

The first training begins January 9, 2017 and the first people who sign up get the special price of $20 per month for the full program:  basic training and weekly online group meets and weekly online personal coaching. You save $140 on the regular price (basic training $20, four Joyshift Team meets per month $40, four coaching sessions per month $100).

Interested in the special price? Contact me via the email at the bottom of the page, and I will send you further details.